Todaro's Exquisite Cakes

Beautiful Wedding and occasion cakes.

How Todaro's Exquisite Cakes came to be and what it means for you:

When planning my own wedding in 2005, I was outraged at how expensive things could get, especially the cake!!! 

As a pastry chef I knew the effort that went into making a wedding cake (even a very extravagant one) and didn't think the mark-up was fair by a long shot.  

I knew that I could do beautiful work to rival any bakery and offer it at a more reasonable price so that other brides wouldn't tear their hair out like I did trying to pay for it all.

So in 2008, while I was expecting my twin boys, I started my business of occasion cakes here in my home. To my delight I have been well recieved and my clients appreciate the foundation on which I built my company. Which is simply beautiful work, at a reasonable price.

The fact that I work from home means big savings to you while not sacrificing qulity. I am, after all, a classically trained pastry chef.